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Site Work

Site work is more than a guy and a bulldozer.  We believe it is about carving out only the pieces necessary to create your home site.  
We start by walking the property with you listening to what is important about the lot you bought.  The view, the trees, the animal trails.  We listen to what you want for a cabin.  Then we bring our experience and love of the North Shore to help you create the best spot for your cabin site.  We use our knowledge of North Shore geology to help determine best ways to create a driveway, foundation issues for drainage and stability, and septic sites.  
In most cases, the simpler the site plan, the more effective the overall construction project is, both from a building process to long term maintenance.  If a septic system can be built to flow downhill into gravity trenches, it is less expensive to build and less expensive to maintain.  If it is a mound, we try to find best spot to locate mound to minimize construction expense.  
We look at building driveways to create a true “coming home” feel, and preserve trees.  We will create a couple of bends to provide privacy from street to the cabin, and in the process, preserve some large trees.  We design and build to provide ease of maintenance, access and snowplowing.  

Excavation, fill, and drainage are steps needed to build your foundation.  Our simple mantra is “if we can make the water go away from the house, you won’t have water problems in your basement”.

We backfill and grade to slope water away from building.  We use porous gravel materials to allow water to pass through quickly so it doesn’t pool around a foundation.  We added drainage materials and swales above the site so ground water never reaches the foundation.  
We offer trenching for waterlines, gas lines, and powerlines.  Give us a call to visit your site.  We’d love nothing more than a walk in the woods.
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