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We love a challenge.  We consider it our signature when you can’t tell where the work ended and where it started.  We specialize in blending new with old to create a seamless look.  

Sometimes, remodeling can be skin deep.  Even so, we make sure when we’re meeting with you to identify areas of infrastructure upgrades that make economic sense while you’ve got the space opened up.  We bring our years of new building and remodeling to bear on these opportunities.  

Every effort is made to seal off the rest of your cabin while work is going on.  Site is cleaned regularly during the process, and a thorough cleaning done at the finish.

When the remodeling involves adding on, changing windows, roof lines, or siding, we take extra steps to make certain the new changes preserve the character of the original building.  Our favorite comment from one of our customers after we finished the an addition was, “our daughter came up and wanted to know when we were going to start on the addition”.  I guess we did our job well!

Our carpenters have the tools, materials, and most important, skill, to blend new materials into the old.  We are able to “age” stain to match the current colors of the woods.  

Stop in and see what’s possible.
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